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Crystal Fischetti
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Home decor

Crystal Fischetti is a specialist when it comes to injecting positive intention in your home or office. She has over 10 years experience working with clients producing bespoke paintings for their environment.

Free site consultation for new clients. Fischetti discusses: colour, themes, style, size, materials (acrylic or oil or both on canvas)

70% payment deposit upfront. 30% payment upon completion of the project. Prices start at $400.00. Contact here:

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Purling chess

Sun and Moon chess in collaboration with Purling London. These chess sets and board are hand painted by Crystal Fischetti, before being purchased by a private collector in Shanghai, China, they were exhibited at The World Chess Hall of Fame, St Louis, USA for their Ladies's Knight exhibition, 2016. Twelve female artists across the globe were selected for the exhibition, including Fischetti, Yoko Ono, Barbara Kruger and Henri Matisse's great granddaughter, Sophie Matisse.

You can find more information on the show in these links provided:

The concept for this chess is courtship, love and seduction. Each move the players make is an act of seduction. It is intelligent, calculated, elegant, slightly fearful, heated, cool and overpoweringly sexy. The masculine energy of the Sun is represented in the gold and yellow hues on one side of the chess pieces. The feminine energy of the Moon is represented in the silver and blue hues. The meeting of the opposing pieces symbolises their sensual dance and spiritual union. As it is an interactive art piece, the physical appearance at the end of the game describes the eclipse in abstract form. It is different each time for every player.

Best Painting Classes near me