Crystal Fischetti
    Freedom 57" x 55" Acrylic on canvas 2017  This piece is a show of bravura. Known as an abstract painter, my viewers and collectors are reminded of my fine artistry. Before leaping into abstraction 12 years ago, I was predominantly an obsessive painter of people and subjects from the ‘real world’. This piece is in reverence to these days and also a positive example that I have reached the skilled maturity and understanding that not all of the piece has to be completed. Some areas are left untouched, exposed and naked. This is freedom for me. To express myself with an air of confidence (and brilliant colour), adhering to the status quo and yet unshackled playing the beat to my own drum, swimming in my element and as a Pisces, myself I appreciate this piece more than any other I have created lately.  

Private Art


Crystal Fischetti's collection of abstract paintings in acrylic and in oil on canvas. Fischetti explores colour/color theory and pure abstract expressionism.