Crystal Fischetti
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On patriarchy

I’m looking forward to shifting into the 5D where there are equal rights for women, men, children and animals. 34 years around the sun. What's next for miss Fischetti?

I have made a steady and consistent career as an artist in the art world over the last 12 years. Aside from being an abstract painter, I am considered a 'woman of colour'. This is not a label I would call myself but I am a woman and I see the art world has been and still is run by white middle class/upper class males. I have seen this growing up in London. I have experienced sexism while attending private views, in my twenties I had been looked at as something pretty to play with and was not taken seriously for what I created and because of this they almost won. I even gave up art for three years, studied at London College of Fashion, earned a second degree and focused on being a leather-smith with my own atelier in east London. I suffered a nervous breakdown, closed the business and moved to New York for a bit with nothing but a suitcase.

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Art found me again and I could not deny my calling... Turning into my 30's the art world has seen that I was, after-all serious and dedicated. While a lot of my male contemporaries with whom I studied at the University of Leeds received recognition in the early stages I received it later on (in the west. China invested in me and collected my work for their Shanghai museum when I was 25) after refusing to fit the stereotype and settling down and having babies. My whole journey and my work process as a painter deals with mixed emotions of the patriarchy in art, my personal experiences and desire to live in a blissful utopia. This is why I focus on abstraction. This is why I am a painter. This is why I am a woman. I am here to serve, be a voice and example of possibility.