Crystal Fischetti
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Three Kings. Purling London


About the Three Kings:


I was honoured to create for Purling London again. Rather than a full chess set and board I wanted to focus on the Christmas narrative of the Three Kings. These men of wisdom travelled far and over treacherous terrain to deliver rare and sacred gifts to a baby they had full faith in bringing light into the world. We have heard this story many, many times but if we really think about it, there is something very touching about its message. It was vital for me to draw the audience into the the meanings of faith, honour, innocence, devotion, duty and pure love. In doing so we refer back to our own actions and intentions. These men followed their heart and left their own cares behind to do a selfless act guided by love. Upon arrival they presented incredibly precious and symbolic gifts representing their gratitude. These gifts as we know them were: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Each one has a healing power. Each king represents them with brushstrokes of radiant golds, deep reds and purifying blues. Each piece is fully charged with the power of love.


Credit: Purling London.

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