Crystal Fischetti
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I do murals now

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From canvases to walls.

It's been a four year dream, ever since I first landed in Los Angeles, to create murals for this amazing city and it came true over the last two months. Go to my web to see more:

  • Success! 3 murals created in two months
  • Location: All behind or on Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista, LA.
  • It began, long may it reign.

Do you have a business, eat at your fave restaurant or drink at your local where you know my uplifting art would make a positive difference to the space?

It can be anywhere in California and you know me, I am a gypsy so I am always up for travel across The States and over the pond.  Contact me at:


Alana's Coffee, 12511. Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Alana's Coffee, 12511. Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Daily Entries.

I have also created these Daily Entries on canvases which work as notebooks for my larger works; murals.

  • My sixth sense. I channel celestial ancient language which I hear.
  • I activate it onto canvas and decode. 
  • Details: 28" x 35", acrylic on canvas.
  • They are called: Language Of Atlantis.

And the great news is!

They are  $100.00  each. 
Send your enquiries to: