Crystal Fischetti






Acrylic and ink on linen,

40 cm X 40 cm 

Made in Switzerland


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My next step after living in LA was naturally Hawaii. I was absolutely convinced I was going to move there. The first time I stepped onto the island of Oahu it felt like it had always been home ( maybe a past life?..) but Spirit had a Master Plan for me. As someone that has been walking the path for a few years now, I knew I had to trust that Inner Voice. I listened and it surprisingly brought me back to London, home of my birth, to be closer to family ( in Italia). Touched down in London, I've connected with spices of soul tribe, I'm on an MA at Chelsea Art College ( my top choice) which I'm soon to complete, I've been home in Rome a few times now, Spain, Switzerland and it's now May!!

Advice?- If you have a dream please follow it. Life is not about surviving ( lack mentality), it is beyond precious, cherish it and live it up.

Thank you to all of my teachers along this journey called "Life"