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Residency + Real.

Nearing the end of my art residency here near Baker Street London. Wrapping up for the final show here on the 20th June.

AucArt Lab has been an incredible laboratory for creativity over these 6 weeks. I have met discerning clients and lovers of art each day as they visit my studio, asking me questions about my influences, materials I use and my current (and future) projects.

I am looking forward to Kami Naglik (former curator for Sotheby's and now Tate Modern) curating our show at AucArt next Thursday. She popped into the studio this week. She said she felt calm and honoured to be sharing space with me here in the studio. Most clients that visit, sit down with me here, breathing in the incense I burn. They are curious about the crystals they see dotted around the space and the books I have as reference.

I have been drawn to Emma Kunz's intuitive pendulum drawings for a few months now after having seen her work at the Serpentine Gallery back in February. Her book is under my desk with Carl Jung's Four Archetypes, Paulo Coelho's The Valkyries, Georgia O'Keefe or usually opened up to a page where Work No.341 and Work No. 057 lay bare their True Symmetry.

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To me, these works refer to a few UFO/'alien' experiences I had in Petaluma and Sebastapol, California in 2017, they also remind me of Christ Consciousness and the lion power bursting Light throughout ethers offering hope, justice and peace.

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As I write this blog entry, crystals sit on my laptop, a binaural beat plays from my Zen playlist on Youtube at 528 Hz, a vibration /frequency that eliminates "Inner Conflict and Anxiety" as I begin to set my mind to the MA show happening in under 2 weeks. The sounds help and I am able to write, focus and breathe deeply, in and out, in and out.

The water bottle you may see pictured is from The Coop, it promises to be 50% recycled plastic and donates "3p per litre to water projects in Africa." The shaman rattle from Peru, the feathers from my travels and ceremony/ritual practices across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans remind me to stay real in my Soul and True to my Self.

I am not a preacher but I am a healer. Everything I say I absolutely must walk with that integrity. This includes everything I consume from the products I put on my skin, to the clothes I wear and the water I drink.

I sent out a video a couple days ago on Youtube called Real Talk and what it means to be real. I wrote a quick list of pointers before transmitting the message. They are as follows:

Being real includes being real with family, friends, work/purpose, make up/health products/food and of course this all leads to you and the Ultimate One.

Here is the video. 30 mins. Watch now, watch later. What does it mean to be truly real and how does it reflect across all aspects of your life?

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When I get waves of overwhelm/anxiety I go to the park (or ocean depending where I am in the world) but today my to-do list had to be ticked off so I chose to pick up some flowers and bring nature into the studio. I am committed to this weekly ritual of self care and self love. If I don't feel good I find ways to redirect and create alignment. Nature is the best healer.

Being in a state of what Beauty means to me is so important to my purpose. The environment where I create, live, read, think, sleep etc has to be ‘set’ at a high level of vibration where I can begin to manifest, Be, Do and Have. Everything from the sound/ music I play to the objects that surround me affect my Creating Power.

I light candles, burn Palo Santo, Sage, Rosemary and incense whenever I can. The Incense is made with natural ingredients (not man made chemicals) and smell wonderful. They are karma-free and support the workers that make them. I understand there has been a growing obsession with the online wellness platform called Goop created by Gwyneth Paltrow over the years. There is a level of farce and mockery ( the products' price margins are insanely high). However there is a deep desirability from many people that want, and honestly need uplift in their life. So healthcare brands offering this lifestyle (like Goop) receive great attention.

I am in the process of being a lifestyle brand myself. Over the last few years I have set up my own business in leather goods (with 12 interns at one point) working from my in-house atelier in East London. I later closed the business and moved to New York then LA. It was during this time in 2012 where I discovered that this life change was part of my Saturn Return journey at 28 years old and my Awakening.

The experiences I have had since then in the US have made me the person I am today. I have obtained an 01 Visa that is virtually impossible to attain, my works have been picked up by renowned institutions and museums, I have dined, slept and taken drugs with the rich and famous (I will not name names) on Mulholland Drive and Hollywood, I have experienced demonic forces wanting to take me away from The Light, I have undergone exorcisms, met Satan himself, been in and out of an LA cult survived and kept my brain, body and integrity in tact, I have been in yoga studios in Venice Beach, I was involved with the tribe of Wanderlust in LA and Hawaii), healed and initiated festival goers with Tribal Markers , danced and was an ambassador for the now growing phenomena that is Daybreaker from 4 am, posed in music videos for gangsta rappers, been in a toxic relationship with a narcissist in Santa Monica, at one point lived in my Culver City Art studio, created workshops on a shoe string, traipsed Beverly Hills with a tube of art work one very hot summer to get picked up by a gallery, sold my work on a weekly basis... Why am I sharing this? Because I see myself as a badass, healer and entrepreneur. This is why I share my messages on Youtube, this is why I have what it takes to be a lifestyle coach, this is why I am not just 'an artist', this is why I inspire, this is why I teach, this is why I don't feel the need to be showing my backside to get 'likes', this is why I am real, I am committed to always being crystal clear, loving and a creative leader, this is why I am here.

So, I write this with utmost truth, I am not a walking mockery spawned from a Goop generation but a living and breathing soul intent on being the best version of mySELF creating magic, healing and uplifting others, continuing to live and love in the 5d and 3d, with heart and soul connected to Source with my feet rooted into Gaia's Earth crust.

Please spare me your negativity and ask yourselves why you chose to point the finger, laugh and criticise. If you don't like what I do or say you can chose to turn away.

In the AucArt studio. Photograph: Lee Kay-Barry

In the AucArt studio. Photograph: Lee Kay-Barry

All works created at AucArt, measuring 160 cm x 120 cm, acrylic, graphite, ink on up-cycled stretched canvas. Available for auction bids via the AucArt website:

Portal For Self

Portal For Self

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Flight Through Space

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Once The Door Opened, She Knew.

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