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IN STAR (dom) gram

Instagram is a tool I have been using as a visual journal of my ideas and inspiration since it started. Lately, I have been using it to promote events, shows, works in progress; a platform for marketing and promotion.

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Most people nowadays ask for your instagram handle at get togethers/meet-ups/ shin digs/ ‘networking events’. I think it’s cool to say I have a growing following of over 5,000 people and that I also have a website I am really proud of.

The thing about these tools is that they are tools and one cannot simply depend on them completely. I endeavour to be my most authentic self in them. I want to make sure that when people meet me in person I am the real deal on the screen too. They must correlate.

I am really passionate about authenticity. I think it is because I have lived in LA and I have experienced many, many people being fake in front of my face over my most formative years. When they say “yes” they mean “no”. I also would do the same. What was I so scared of?

Appeasing others to ‘save face’ is not my thing. I believe that being raw and true is a portal to vulnerability and with courage one can literally move mountains. I think this is why my ‘followers’ are growing. It’s because I don’t skirt around the edges and the community on IG appreciate it.

Stardom equals being accepted and loved in many peoples’ eyes. As I get older (35 years young) I notice more of a need to be authentically me. I can lead by example and allow myself to trip up along the way (and still be cool with it). Fame, a once long-loved endeavour during my teen’s is now an obsolete venture. I look towards the light IN me, that true STAR (I know, gush) that’s the kingDOM I wish to forever inhabit; Truth.

IN STAR (dom) gram

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