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Mad Mathematical Mind Mapping.


Oil pastel


November, 2018.


11= November whether you believe it or not this is the number of faith and physics. It shows up to open portals, new beginnings, new ideas.

For me, November has been a time for reflection and gratitude to the gods for my health, mind, creativity and safety. It is a blessing being back home close to my loved ones.

And, yet, I acknowledge the hardships and sufferings of so many, the devastation of places I have called home, (Hawaii,) California and it’s fires. I continue to pray for my friends and their families who have lost their home and their neighbourhoods, for those that are in shock, trying to rebuild their lives, for the animals wild and domestic, for those people that live a life of hardship from inner struggles, mental, physical, emotional- specially this time of year, I acknowledge you and I have compassion.

It is at this time we must stay close and check in.

Make that phone call, give away items that no longer serve you, share a smile and conversation, give a hug, cherish your soul, eat and drink well.

Stay close.

Check in.

With love and light,

Crystal x

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I continue my research into physics and our future as human beings. What is our next evolution? Should we be thinking seriously about the future, our future? For someone that advocates meditation, prayer, stillness as ways to stay ‘connected’, surrendering control away from the ME and staying conscious of the present, I admit I have been thinking of the future.

Perhaps because a couple of my favourite films are: Back To the Future and The Matrix. Perhaps because the future is out of my control even though I have seen glimpses of it, it scares me because I believe in probability theory, perhaps I have been thinking of the future because the closest women in my life are having children, I think about my children and I think about the world they will come into.

Exposing these feelings makes me feel very vulnerable and yet I cannot escape them. They are feelings and they do come and go but some stay constant. It is in the human programming.


Stephen Hawking reminds us to not fear the future but to embrace our inevitable next evolution integrated with technology.

I love the idea of space exploration and landing on other planets but could there be another form of colonisation that happened here on earth where slavery continues? Will we become like those humans in in the Pixar film; Wall-E abandoning our home, obese and distracted by screens in front of our eyes or will The Machine outsmart us as our human failures give way to the Humanoids?

I want to believe we are more heart centred than a microchip but there is fear, there is violence and there is crime and corruption. The only thing that I can do is step into being more human everyday accepting my mistakes, my flaws and imperfections, my arrogance at times and my “too open heart.'“ Why? because it makes me me and I can only be true to that.

I always want to be home

I want to see our whales with their young

the fish rid of ingesting plastic

for us to be more conscious and collected in our eccentricities

I want us to love more

and want less more more more

Desperation and the now NOW is redundant

It doesn’t last

anything we chase disappears

like the lion and the deer

food for the former for a few days

but the deer will always be chased.

Jung called it the masculine and feminine archetypes

How can we balance this before we become humanoids?



Less intelligent, oh yes than the machines we created


A word not even my computer can register

A register,

A language

no music

it will be without soul

Computer chips, bits and no accidentals

A very human trait

But then nothing we do is done unwatched

Taking and giving are prized accordingly.

All of those precious moments looking at the sea

and drinking crisp, cold and sweet water

and tripping over

and playing the wrong keys

and getting an ‘f’ in maths

and feeling like a failure

and feeling like you have won and gained the world

and the tears and the laughter and the hurt and the frustration and the exhalation and the admiration and the fun and the fire and the fortune and the courage and the drive and the hope, faith and mystery and the silence and the care and attention you give to your Love’s Everything.

To be human.

*To Be a Machine, Mark O’Connnell, Granta.


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There is ALWAYS hope.

Hope that there will be long moments of heaven, hope of utopia, hope like the song Imagine by John Lennon, hope for self love and love unconditional, hope for lasting safety, hope for a bright future, hope for great music, literature and art to bring joy into our world, hope for protection of innocence, hope for unity, hope for accepting difference, hope for peace on earth.

I prefer to live there and that is what The Work is all about.

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Transform, transmute, transcend.

Mad Mathematical Mind Mapping, The Cookhouse Gallery, London.

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Taking a break from Instagram to live more in the tangible.

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Creating to feel/see/hear these world openings.

Reading, writing, connecting.

Musical notes, 4D glitches into 5D expressions, DNA strands as portals for other dimensional peaceful warriors, sea life and future positive nostalgia.

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Listening, experiencing, observing

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Waiting, watching, wondering.

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