Crystal Fischetti


Beyond The Veil for Full English show coming soon in October

Beyond The Veil,

250 cm x 180 cm,

Acrylic on canvas.


Over, under, stretch and shake,

splatter, pour, mark- a temporal space, a portal.

Open, through, stick and remove,

Fold, tear, no tears just sweat and blood,

Can you see the DNA markings splattered on thread?

What is inside is also without.

This reality is only a matrix, a grid system agreed by the collective.

Our coding manipulated by The Others before us, around us, above us, under us.

Yes they exist. Yes they are our cousins and yes there are those enemies not wanting our awakening.

Open up, open up, and keep questioning beyond the labels,

Beyond the me, the I and the skin, name, meat and package we 'live in'.

Our name is but a frequency. Do we use it well? Do we know our ancestors, past and future ones?

I come from a long line of shamans from both sides of my family lines.

I chose to be born here in London but I live beyond The Veil.

Crystal Fischetti.

Crystal Fischetti