Crystal Fischetti


May I/We Prosper

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1) AucArt Lab on Gloucester Place, London

2) Chelsea College of Arts, Pimlico, London

3) Poem

What’s the first one about? I hear you enquire. AucArt is an online auction house representing recent BA and MA Fine Art graduates.

The company launched an ‘art lab’ where 5 artists live and create work in-house on Gloucester Place, Marylebone for 6 weeks sponsored by young guns Mason and Fifth During the residency, clients visit the studios, discuss, place a bid and purchase works from artists through the online auction.

The second point, keep your eyes peeled for information about my MA degree at Chelsea College of Arts, 5 July. It’s a big one!

Point 3, is a poem. Decipher the code or better still watch the Youtube video here:

RA-mble poem

MAY- 5, end of a cycle,

triggered by triggers,

-Tigger my favourite outsider-

Karma lessons made, cried, laughed, lost skin, shed identity and 600 years of lifetimes slade

King rode out to war (died) and never came back. One of many lifetime recollection made

BE incarnate always me.

Mother nature gave me

no injections

end of Kardashi-yawn type rule

I think I vomited in the bucket of old w(h)oes in that corner there

Done with fake, the fake people like Drake,

show love though

Step up or disappear.

No. No.

All honey here, zest of lemon. They will understand.

Good news,

all is being revealed

You’ll see the darkness -all coming through, come through, come through, come thru

BAM! hit by blinding light.

-and out to burn in the sunshine, like burnt toast distasteful

Rise out faded souls, empty vessels, lost people-

like vampires feeding off others

queen of swords, distorted feminine, no capitals in reverence. Shame.

No more. Be gone dark meddlers

judgement IS coming.

Divine Feminine, Divine WOMAN

she is here

within me

Songs of Experience, W Blake,

From Girl to Woman wake

Always woke.

I’m good, I’m GOOD, I’m REAL good.

No door mat here

Just a red carpet.

Circular light beam invisible,


Enfolds this soul family tighter

Gold thread made out of Heaven.

Soul family gets tighter,

Pride of lions,

lambs of innocent souls still,

No need for slaughter

you will be reckoned.

-sorry ain’t mine to give.

run runner run, run, run,

Bullet’s going to hit you


Runners run until they get tired

EveryTHING, EVENT, PEOPLE, PLACES they resisted for so long was about coming back to their “own soul” The Alchemist always beaming down light and truth. Always vibing words of new wisdom every time I read it. Again and again and again new nuggets of wisdom found.

Karma is an inescapable bitch.

Harlot-lust fuelled fast flashed open legs until they leg it after cheating, swindling, using bodies like puppets becomes boredom. Jealousy is a killer.

I still pray for them.

Loyalty and integrity is sexy.

I will always love hard and deep breaking open more and more crystalline shards of light.

The light in me recognises the light in you.

Love Crystal


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Crystal Fischetti
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