Crystal Fischetti


Trust the process

Bring the landscape inside.

Large roll canvas. Paint in layers, over time, subdue, soak and stain.

Gesture making Palaeolithic dance movements across. Little Gadget.

Create the Arizona scapes and Atlantis.

Dry. Hang stretch across, staple, no square frame.

A river, a rock formation, a sea bed with corals appear in a 3d sculptural painted installation creation.

Organic nature splendour.

A topic for audience enquiry and memory made on their instagram story.

Time lines merge into one spacetime continued portal, glitches are rare as we are in heaven.

10, 852 and 43 Hz sound frequency inhabit here on loop. Flushes out all low vibes, staying high vibe where hummingbirds zoom.

The acrylics all soaked into the canvas, none left for the studio sink, better here, environmentally conscious

Let's see what else? Ah, colours? white titanium, burnt sienna, cadmium yellow, primary blue, olive green, magenta flush blush crush, mixed in ones, two's or threes in old honey jars poured over, a flat brush makes lines, or a pebble tool spreads and scrapes paint across and over. Soaks well.

Spray three blends made bottle of essential oils into work. Keep it high pitched in the good zone.

Make notes.

Not always canvas but linen also.

Write on canvas. Let water and paint drip, move it, support it, pull it.

Make mistakes.

Happy mistakes made.

Work through but keep fresh always in alignment and flow.

The ritual of forever letting go.

Forever a process of trust and balance.

Once the ending at AucArt occurs, pack up and move into new Soho studio to continue the ritual, process and preparation for the MA show.

Add music to installation set? make notes

Other artists that inspire: Lara Merrett, Jean-Claude and Christo, Katerina Grosse, Emma Kunz, Hilma Af Klint and Giorgia O'Keefe

Create an environment for the show that uplifts, the feeling when people visit me at the studio, incense, binaural beats wave in and out, candles lit, maybe. Make notes.


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Crystal Fischetti