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Lion heart

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I was guided to switch my phone off this weekend and retreat within. Often times I will do this for weeks to re-tract my soul's energy dispersed here and there but as my business progresses it's now virtually impossible to be "off-line". As I walk to the studio, I am met with comments about my looks from builders and delivery 'men' ( Still in 2019! It doesn't make you attractive or want me to talk to you. It disgusts, repels and angers me. Something I should not just "shrug off because I am beautiful". )

🚦Stress alert.

Upon arrival at the studio my notebook has a long list of "to-do's".

🚦Stress alert.

So I begin my new studio ritual each morning by lighting a candle, listen to a 432 Hz to elevate/ clear my energy and pick an Archangel Tarot Card. These moments of breath and centre-ing are crucial to polishing my light. The card I picked? Strength with Archangel Ariel seems appropriate as The Lioness of God 🦁 guides me to be gentle within my own strength. My hair and my solar plexus /sacral chakra have been on fire lately and this is no coincidence with it being the run up to August's Lion's Gate. Yes I am an intuitive. Yes I am a strong woman. Yes I am an artist. Yes I share my bright light. No I am not a push over. No I do not accept vial attacks, comments or creepiness. No I will not dim my light or wear something to hide my body, soul or sense of self. Here I raise a cup to being a woman ( not a girl) standing up for others, who knows what she deserves, her worth and here is a cup for men who acknowledge this, their SELF and the gentleman in their being and in their actions.

Happy Monday


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  • Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine. I have been using these divination tools for years. They have a gentle energy and are always spot on with their messages.

  • Koppel Studio, Soho, London.