Crystal Fischetti


Awakening lessons

Awakening: I have 'failed' at everything I have done but through those 'failures' I have succeeded too and they made me the person I am today. It's so important to surrender into fear, fly into it, battle with the beasts in your mind that say " you're not good enough" and do it anyway. 10/10 you'll recognise something about your SELF, that you are your own hero led by The Divine, you learned that strength is not just physical, that after that lesson you can do anything and sure you may 'fail' again but you know what? It's better to fail forward than be stuck wishing and hoping you had done what your heart and soul asks for because this is your alignment, your True North, your lesson. It's scary, yes but look at the lotus, how beautiful it's symbol is, growing into beauty from muck, from the dirt and darkness.

The voice that gives you the first call is your intuition, immediately after that a fake 'voice' says "no". This is the ego. Be careful. Be awake and aware. The darkness wants the light ( it lacks it, is actually fearful of it) but the light always wins. Love prevails.

Pictures from one of my favourite @taschen books.